Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guy Kawasaki speaks about the ease in experimenting with new social websites

One of the amazing thing about the new web platform that is being formed by the Web2.0 and open-source movement is the ease in which someone in a garage (in his spare time) could build and maintain a website. Del.icio.us founder, Joshua Schachter, started the project on his spare time, and eventually sold it to Yahoo! The (in)famous website, amihotornot.com, started by James Hong, was also started on a whim, and grew to 40K visitors in its first weekend. These stories and other interest facts about starting a Web2.0 website was recently discussed here in a talk in the special speaker series of the PARC Forum.

Guy Kawasaki (of Garage Venture and Truemors) recently came to PARC (where we gave him a tour of PARC) and gave a talk entitled "How I built a Web 2.0, User-Generated Content, Citizen Journalism, Long-Tail, Social Media Site for $12,107.09". Well, let's just say he packed the auditorium of nearly 350 people with laughter and inspiration.

Indeed, there are so much amazing software out there now, that someone with the right idea, at the right place, and knows how to market it to the right people, can get started with amazing little amount of resources. The democratization of software isn't in just making it free, but also is in having the right conditions so that Average Joe can reach hundreds and thousands of users easily.

Check out the video of this great talk.


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