Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bookmarklet for WikiDashboard

One of the current pains of using WikiDashboard is the following: I'm at a Wikipedia page (perhaps I arrived there from some link on the web, or a web search). In order for me to see the social patterns on that page, I would have to either edit the URL directly in the browser window, or I would have to go to WikiDashboard and search for the same page. A major pain, for sure!

So tonight, while I was sitting in the BayCHI talk on Facebook, I hacked up a little bookmarklet here.

goto WikiDashboard

Buttons (bookmarklets) are links you add to your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar.

What do they do?

The button allows you to quickly jump to the WikiDashboard page of the Wikipedia page you're on.

How do I get them?

To install the bookmarklet, simply drag the link above to your toolbar.

To use, simply click on the bookmark you just made when you're on a Wikipedia page (currently supports only English pages), and it will bring you to the exact same page on WikiDashboard (but, obviously, now augmented with the social dashboard visualization). If we can't find the same page on WikiDashboard, then you will be brought to the home page of WikiDashboard site.

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