Thursday, December 3, 2009

Technology Mediated Social Participation Workshop at PARC next week

Earlier this year PARC and Univ. of Maryland approached NSF with the idea of funding two workshops on Technology-Mediated Social Participation. NSF eagerly provided funding and simultaneously started a new program on Social-Computational Systems (SoCS).

Technology Mediated Social Participation

With the goal of drawing up a strong scientific research agenda and educational recommendations necessary for a new era of social participation technologies, PARC is hosting the first of two workshops designed to bring together a diverse set of researchers from a variety of disciplines.

The West Coast Workshop will focus on three major themes:

  • Integration of theory: from individual behavior to collective action
  • Social intelligence and capital: understanding connections
  • Research challenges: shareable infrastructure, ethics, and protection

In addition, Peter Pirolli and Jenny Preece will be hosting a special PARC Forum on Technology Mediated Social Participation on Thursday December 10, featuring panelists Ben Shneiderman, Amy Bruckman, Bernardo Huberman, and Cameron Marlow. The Forum will be streamed and recorded as well. We'll be live-testing/ soft launching the PARC Forum livestream at:

Check out extensive blog post by Peter here.

Twitter hashtag is #TMSP.

Workshop event page: Event - Technology Mediated Social Participation Workshop - PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)


Max L. Wilson said...

will there be any web presence during these events? It would be cool to follow and participate remotely to some extent.

Ed H. Chi said...


The PARC Forum will be broadcast/streamed over the internet and archived for later consumption.

"we'll be live-testing/ soft launching the PARC Forum livestream at:".

We will also try to live tweet from the workshop with the hashtag #TMSP.


Cathy said...

Is the forum open to the public, or do you have to be a workshop participant to attend in person?

Ed H. Chi said...

yes, the PARC forum is nearly always open to the public, and this one is no exception. Please do attend.