Saturday, August 4, 2007

Social Search and Social Information Foraging

I just returned from Beijing where I attended the HCI International conference. I presented a paper that outlines some of the background and thinking that has gone into the formation of Augmented Social Cognition Group here at PARC. Specifically the paper focused on how understanding of social capital, social information foraging, coordination, information flow in social networks, structural holes, and overlap in social navigation are shaped by various research going on in various fields. Here is the
paper on Social Information Foraging and Social Search
(joint work with Peter Pirolli, Shyong (Tony) Lam.)

As a side note, we also presented
an eyetracking paper that showing the effect of highlighted text in reading tasks
(joint work with Lichan Hong, Michelle Gumbrecht).

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Unknown said...

This message is from Taiwan. I attended HCII in Beijing, too. Just want to tell you it's very excited to read your articles and know you are Taiwanese. I major in IE, actually I am interested in Human Factors and Social Computing related fields. Anyway...very nice to meet you and congradulations for the papers in CHI 2008.