Thursday, June 14, 2007

social networking websites as platforms

This article in WSJ finally points to the fact that social networking sites are not just for connecting friends and track of who is dating whom, but they can be developed into platforms for delivery of contents and ads. To sum it up quickly, "It is a channel, stupid."

WSJ article on social networking sites as delivery channels

WSJ seems to be paying great attention to this new platform, perhaps because it can make a huge difference in business to have social networks and social computing built directly into the delivery channel of contents. Their recent article on how social computing is making an inroad into research universities is a good example of how the trend toward Augmented Social Cognition research appears to be unstoppable at this point.

WSJ article on social computing in research universities


Anonymous said...

I found social networking as a tool which had been primarily designed for social interaction and sharing. You can gain lots of friends and build reputation over the net.
Social networks are clearly a platform that many corporations use to tighten and build employees relationships to be stronger.

Ed H. Chi said...

thanks for your comments, dexrex. I think social networking sites hold promise for enterprises, but it is not yet a forgone conclusion. What it has done so far is ensure that the social connections made at jobs are not lost to time.